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He stirred people up and influenced them to hate legal system, court says

Former lawyer Jiang Tianyong was convicted of inciting the subversion of State power and sentenced to two years in prison in Changsha, Hunan province.

Jiang, 46, was also deprived of his political rights for three years, according to Changsha Intermediate People"s Court.

He pleaded guilty during the court hearing and decided not to appeal.

According to the court, Jiang made a large number of statements attacking or defaming Chinese government departments, judicial authorities and the national legal system under the influence of anti-China forces abroad.

He often went overseas to learn about overthrowing State power, and solicited funds to support speculation on "sensitive cases", according to the court"s ruling.

In 2013, Jiang set up a service group with other lawyers, ostensibly to protect lawyers" rights, though the group was noted for exaggerating hot issues under the guise of protecting rights, the court said.

The court said that since 2015 Jiang deliberately distorted the facts of a case involving Zhou Shifeng, a lawyer who was sentenced to seven years for subverting State power and incited others to illegally gather and make trouble in public places.

Jiang was found guilty of using public opinion to stir up people to hate the government, defaming the nation"s political and legal system and inciting others to overthrow State power. He posed a serious threat to national security and political stability, the court said.

In October 2016, Jiang asked Xie Yang - a lawyer criminally detained for attempting to overthrow State power - along with his wife to make up a series of stories claiming Xie was tortured by police during detention. The faked stories were forwarded by many foreign media, according to the court.

Jiang exaggerated facts on the internet and incited others to transmit them, inflaming the public"s hatred of judicial departments and the legal system, the court said.

"Because Jiang actively confessed his crimes and expressed regret for his behavior during the court hearing, we have issued a lenient punishment," the statement from the court said.

On Tuesday morning, 48 people, including lawmakers, political advisers, legal experts, lawyers and news reporters attended the hearing.

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